Welcome to Helping Bee!

We’ve got a new look!

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What’s Helping Bee about?

Here at Helping Bee, we try to present informative and easy to understand articles and answers to your questions, in a courteous and patient way. Our goal is to help senior citizens, and others new to modern technology, enjoy the benefits that computers and “gadgets” offer.

How did Helping Bee get started?

Pearl teaches classes on computers, digital cameras and the like at area senior centers. Her students tell her they are eager to learn, but find the process uncomfortable, because materials are written by and for younger people, who have “grown up” with technology. She lives to serve others and this website helps her to expand her reach.

Obi is the nerd that adores her. He builds websites, takes care of the “under the hood” stuff and repairs computers for Pearl’s students.

How do you pay for all this?

Amazon will pay us a referral fee when someone clicks on one of our links to the Amazon site, then makes a purchase. Generally, senior citizens are reluctant to shop on-line, but we have a few who make a point of coming to the Helping Bee site first when they are going to order something. Amazon has great prices on everything from paper clips to groceries delivered to your door, and for years there has been no better place to buy books. Please think of us when shopping, it will help us to continue to help others.

Where did the name “HelpingBee” come from?

In times past neighbors got together to give each other a hand with difficult and time consuming tasks, like building a barn or making a quilt. They would call it a “Bee”. HelpingBee began as a community site, we hoped to get others involved in answering each others questions, but a few bad apples spoiled that for the whole bunch with vulgarity, rudeness or hacking our site to promote their products.

For those who are just getting started with the internet, cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and the like, choosing a product and learning to use it is a monumental task. We hope that these pages will clearly show you what computers and other modern devices can do for you, help you become more comfortable with them, and help you choose the right ones for you.

Check back with us often, we are constantly adding to and changing your site, and trying to have a good time along the way.

OB1 & Pearl