Windows 8 Solitaire

Simple Steps On How to Download Solitaire in Windows 8

Some of the features you have come to expect on the Windows platform are not included with the installed version of Windows 8, but here are the simple steps on how to download Solitaire in Windows 8. Continue reading

Windows 8 How to Turn Off People Tile

Windows 8 How to Turn People Live Tile Off

If you are like me, sometimes you just don’t want to see your friends and family pictures popping up periodically in the Windows 8 People tile. When you sign in to your email your contact pictures may rotate in the People tile on the Windows 8 Start screen. Learn how to turn off or stop the pictures from appearing in the People tile, it’s easy! Continue reading

Windows 8 How to Right Click on a Touch Screen

Windows 8 How to Right Click on a Touch Screen

If you just purchased a computer with Windows 8 and it came with a touch screen you might find it difficult to right click if you are using only the touch feature and not a mouse. You will need to right click on some of the tiles in the Windows 8 Start screen if you want to turn a live tile off. Live tiles have news, pictures, weather, etc. that change periodically. Turning live tiles off is a snap! By right clicking you can also remove a tile from the Start screen by unpinning. You can even make some tiles smaller or uninstall the app.  Continue reading

Windows 8: Preventing a Program from Running on Startup

Some computer programs get installed in such a way, that they want to run whenever your computer is on. These include little helper programs like Adobe reader, and un-needed programs like browser toolbars and Skype. This can slow your computer down and no one wants a slow computer. Here is an easy way to control which programs start automatically. Continue reading

Windows 8: How to Change Your Account Picture

Your computer has your user account set up and, along with your user account, you have the option to have a computer account picture. In Windows 8 the default picture is just a silhouette or image of a person. You can change that easily, especially if you have a computer that has a built in camera. Click the read more link below for the easy steps. Continue reading