How To Clean Your Screen

Modern computer and gadget screens display pictures, movies and other graphics beautifully, but if cleaned in the wrong way, over time the screen’s surface will become dull and “milky”. Continue reading

iPhone And iPad Apps

Apps; a small name for applications that run on small devices. Several companies are producing devices that run their own versions of apps, but no surprise, leading the pack is the company whose name begins with App(le). Continue reading

What The iPad Can’t Do

The iPad is a wonderful addition to your electronic arsenal, but in my opinion, it is not a computer. I do perspire a little when backed into a corner about that statement, after all, a calculator was referred to as a computer just a few years ago (it must be just a few years, I’m not all that old, am I?). Continue reading

What Can The iPad Do?

Whenever I take my iPad out in public people say they want one and ask me questions about what it can do. Some say they were thinking of getting one instead of a new computer. I don’t think of an iPad as a computer, but for most computer users, the line between the iPad and a full-blown computer is very blurry. Continue reading

The Apple iPad

Apple iPad tablet just about does it all. You can read ebooks, watch movies, listen to your music, look at pictures and hop on the internet and do email. You can also add more applications, referred to as “apps”, so you can keep track of your finances, play games, or manage a whole network of computers. Continue reading

iPad: How To Add A Calendar Event

When you get to be my age, you tend to try to “write it down” or in this case “type it in”.  iPad comes with a calendar that helps me remember that Thursday is trash day and I need to put the cans at the curb!  Here is how to add an event in the iPad calendar: Continue reading

iPad: Screen Rotation Lock/Mute Button

Recently it was brought to my attention that on newer iPads you can’t lock the screen with the little round button, instead when the Screen Rotate Lock button on the side of the iPad was switched, the volume was muted. Muting the volume just doesn’t help me read on my side in bed! If your iPad is now having the same issue fear not, there is a work-around! Continue reading

iPad: How to Copy / Capture Screen

iPad: How to Copy / Capture a Screen / Take a Screenshot

While using your iPad you might find something interesting and want to capture a screen (make a copy of your iPad screen). To copy or capture the screen press and hold the Home button, then momentarily press the On/Off button. Release both buttons, the screen should flash white, just like the flash of a regular camera. Continue reading