Facebook: Connect with Friends and Family for Free

Save a stamp, write a Facebook Status! Save a card, send a Facebook Message! Save money from developing pictures, upload Facebook Photos! OR write no Status, send no message, upload no pictures and just read what your friends and family are doing and look at everyone else’s pictures on Facebook! Facebook is a wonderful place to read and watch what is going in your family and friend’s lives. You can choose to interact or just read. You can be as busy as a bee or as slow as a sloth, because it does not matter on Facebook. And the best part of all is that Facebook is Free!
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Twitter can be entertaining, funny, dramatic, educational and sometimes just plain silly! With just 140 characters to send out a Tweet you can’t say a lot but you can get a point across or even send a link.
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How to Setup Accounts on the Computer in Windows 7

Easily Setup User Accounts on Your Computer with Windows 7

Did you know that you have a computer account? When you bought your computer, someone probably set up your computer account. But if you have other people using your computer you need to create separate accounts on the computer. If you have children or grandchildren using your computer you should set up a separate computer account. You would not want a child or another person using your account because they might accidently delete some of your information or download information that doesn’t interest you. Click continue reading to find out how to set up accounts on your computer:

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