How To Disable “Balloon Tips” in Windows XP

I really get tired of all these pop-ups and notifications; the little pesky balloon tips that jump onto my computer screen like flies on my picnic food. I’ve tried swatting them and telling them they are not welcome, I’ve even turned some of them off in the control panel, but they just keep coming back. Well, now I have found the ultimate fly trap and I am going to share it with you! Continue reading

Run Disk Check for Vista

Computers store all kinds of files and information that, for the most part, we are not aware that it is storing. From time to time we need to clean out some of this stuff in order to keep things working efficiently. To do a Disk Check, Microsoft has included a utility called Disk Cleanup to help us with our cleaning chores. Using Disk Cleanup can help your computer run faster and more trouble-free. Continue reading

Introduction to Windows Vista

Windows Vista is an operating system developed by Microsoft. It was made introduced to the public in January of 2007.  For some people who were running the previous operating system, Windows XP, Vista was a pleasant surprise, others were not so impressed with the fancy new look as they were put out by the pesky security features and  how long it took to load. Continue reading

How To Clean Computer Screen

A clean computer screen is something you may not think about until you can’s see the content for the finger prints. Modern LCD computer screens display pictures, movies and other graphics beautifully, but if cleaned in the wrong way, over time the screen’s surface will become dull and “milky”. Continue reading