Can My Neighbor use my wireless?

When we buy a new wireless router, it usually comes with most of the wireless security settings pre-configured to make our initial set-up a snap. Unfortunately, that is when it is the easiest to hack into. Those quick start instructions get us up and running in no time, but why read the rest of the manual when it is already working fine? Continue reading

Do I Need A Gigabit Router?

No, most likely not, unless you have more than one teenager AND you store your movies on one computer and watch them on another (media center). If you need a new one for some other reason, go ahead and get the gigabit, though I don’t think you will need the extra speed. Continue reading

What Is A Firewall

There are two common types of firewalls; hardware and software. The purpose of both is to protect your computers and devices from invasion, viruses and other malware. A firewall alone is not adequate defense viruses and malware, but is (in most cases) your only defense against hackers and intrusion. Continue reading