How To Disable “Balloon Tips” in Windows XP

I really get tired of all these pop-ups and notifications; the little pesky balloon tips that jump onto my computer screen like flies on my picnic food. I’ve tried swatting them and telling them they are not welcome, I’ve even turned some of them off in the control panel, but they just keep coming back. Well, now I have found the ultimate fly trap and I am going to share it with you! Continue reading

WordPad Toolbar in Windows XP

Windows XP comes with a word processing software called WordPad.  Although there is no spell checker in WordPad, there are many other tools that can be used.  Let’s take a look at the WordPad toolbar and find out the different features WordPad toolbar offers:
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How to create folders in Windows XP

Would you like to better organize your documents in your computer? Or would you like to organize your pictures in your computer so they are easier to find? Why not create folders? Creating folders in Windows XP is very easy, just click on the read more link below to see the steps to create new folders:

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