iPad: How to Rearrange The App Icons

The iPad comes with applications and each app has it’s own icon (small picture representing the application or program). For instance, Mail has an icon that looks like an envelope and Calendar’s icon actually shows the current date and day. Once you start downloading new applications you may want to rearrange the icons on the iPad. Below are the steps to rearrange icons on an iPad:
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iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have been using computers for any length of time, you have learned to use several keyboard shortcuts without even thinking. Apple has designed the iPad to have a keyboard with keys large enough for those of us who never got the hang of typing on the tiny iPhone keyboard. But the iPad is much smaller than a standard keyboard, so some of those keys, like control and alt, had to go. Those Apple designers have come up with some fairly ingenius ways to get the same things done. Here are some facts that will help you with your iPad typing. Continue reading