iPad: Screen Rotation Lock/Mute Button

Recently it was brought to my attention that on newer iPads you can’t lock the screen with the little round button, instead when the Screen Rotate Lock button on the side of the iPad was switched, the volume was muted. Muting the volume just doesn’t help me read on my side in bed! If your iPad is now having the same issue fear not, there is a work-around! Continue reading

iPad: How to Copy / Capture Screen

iPad: How to Copy / Capture a Screen / Take a Screenshot

While using your iPad you might find something interesting and want to capture a screen (make a copy of your iPad screen). To copy or capture the screen press and hold the Home button, then momentarily press the On/Off button. Release both buttons, the screen should flash white, just like the flash of a regular camera. Continue reading

iPad Finger Techniques

If you just recently received an iPad you may not be aware of all of the iPad finger techniques or different ways to use your finger on the iPad. Here is a short list of iPad finger techniques and what happens after you move your fingers in certain ways. Continue reading

iPad: How to Rearrange The App Icons

The iPad comes with applications and each app has it’s own icon (small picture representing the application or program). For instance, Mail has an icon that looks like an envelope and Calendar’s icon actually shows the current date and day. Once you start downloading new applications you may want to rearrange the icons on the iPad. Below are the steps to rearrange icons on an iPad:
Continue reading

iPad Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have been using computers for any length of time, you have learned to use several keyboard shortcuts without even thinking. Apple has designed the iPad to have a keyboard with keys large enough for those of us who never got the hang of typing on the tiny iPhone keyboard. But the iPad is much smaller than a standard keyboard, so some of those keys, like control and alt, had to go. Those Apple designers have come up with some fairly ingenius ways to get the same things done. Here are some facts that will help you with your iPad typing. Continue reading

How To Download Pictures From A Camera

Do you have a digital camera full of pictures? We have a Canon PowerShot and it is pretty easy to operate and easy to download digital pictures. Do you want to learn how to get those pictures from your camera to your computer? It is really easy! Continue reading

Cell Phone Features

Cell phones have become our life lines and when our life line dies, we find ourselves in a panic. But before you race out the door and grab the first cell phone that catches your eye take a moment to think about some available features and decide which ones you can’t live without and which features are negotiable. Continue reading