What Is The Cloud

What Is The Cloud?

Like so many subjects, the definition of cloud depends on who is asking, but for most of us who are on the low end of the tech savvy scale, it means a place to store your files on-line. Several companies offer free and paid cloud storage services, so which one(s) should you choose? We will look at a few of them here, to help you make an informed decision. Continue reading

Insert Video into PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has for many years been a wonderful tool for displaying business presentations, educational materials, or even the words to hymns in church. If you use a projection TV in front of a group, it’s a must have software. What do you do when you need some video right in the middle of your show? Continue reading

Get More Out of Google!

Leisurely surfing the internet can be entertaining and educational, and but sometimes searching for something specific can be a bit frustrating. Surfing with Google helps make things easier by offering several options for your search. Continue reading