Copy, Paste and Print

One way to print information that you find on the internet is to select the text, copy, paste and print. Let’s take a look at just how to do that!

Sometimes the information you need is just a few lines of text. For instance, if you needed an address or precise information about a machine, such as the model number.

In the example below we will highlight an address on the internet, copy, paste, edit and print the address using WordPad.

First Open WordPad:

  1. Open WordPad by clicking on Start and typing WordP into the Search Box, then click once on WordPad which should be located at the top of the start menu


  1. Once WordPad opens a new document type: Hobby Lobby’s Address at the top of the page
  2. We are going to insert the address after we copy it, so position the cursor down 3 lines by pressing the Enter key on your keyboard 3 times
  3. Minimize WordPad by clicking the dash or minus sign at the top right of the screen. Minimize  (if you click on the red X instead, this will close WordPad, you will need to open WordPad again. Minimize keeps the program or application open but collapses it so that it remains open and can be opened from the taskbar)
  4. Click on any browser to open an internet session. (Examples of browsers are Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari)
  5. Navigate to Hobby Lobby by typing in the address bar
  6. At the top right of the screen click on Store Finder
  7. Locate the Zip Code field and key in your zip code then click Submit
  8. Notice at the bottom of the screen is a Hobby Lobby store address.Hobby_Lobby_address_for_Copy_Paste_Print_article
  9. To copy Hobby Lobby’s address, point your mouse without clicking to the beginning of the address
  10. When your mouse pointer changes from an arrow to an ( I ) LEFT click and HOLD down the left mousse button
  11. Drag the mouse to the bottom RIGHT corner of the address.
  12. This motion will highlight the address. Once you have the entire address highlighted, release the mouse button without clicking. Hobby_Lobby_address_highlighted(If you highlighted too much, left click one time on any vacant or empty space, this will unhighlight the text)
  13. With the address highlighted, keep your mouse pointed at the address, RIGHT click, (this brings up a shortcut menu) then LEFT click Copy. Nothing will happen, your computer has just copied the text to memory,  now it’s time to paste what you have copied.
  14. To paste the address into WordPad, click on WordPad from the Taskbar, place your mouse close to the blinking cursor, RIGHT click, then LEFT click Paste
  15. If you read like me, then you know the address is too tiny, to increase the font size, (make the address larger and easier to read) highlight the title and address by clicking Select All at the top of the Toolbar in WordPad (or you can practice your highlighting technique by left clicking and dragging like you did on the internet!)
  16. After the address is highlighted, from the WordPad Toolbar increase the font size to 36
  17. Make any other corrections or edits, for instance you may want to center it on the page or change the color
  18. Once you are satisfied with your work, click on the WordPad menu for Print Preview, then Print OR just click on the Printer icon for a quick print without the preview.