How to Discover Your Computer’s Operating System

How can you tell which Windows Operating System your computer is running?  Pressing the Windows key then the Pause Key on your keyboard is a quick and simple keyboard shortcut to reveal your Windows Operating System.

Determine Your Operating System

If you remember when your computer was purchased below are the retail release dates for each Microsoft Operating System:

October 25, 2001= XP

January 30, 2007 = Vista

October 22, 2009 = Windows 7

There are some exceptions to the date rule so, to know for sure which Windows version is running on your computer, just turn on your computer and after it has finished booting up, press the Windows Key and the Pause/Break key, on your Keyboard, at the same time. This brings up the System Properties dialog box, which provides a lot of information about your computer.

Which operating system shortcut

Windows Key and Pause/Break Key on Keyboard

Once you press the Windows and Pause key you will see which version and Operating System you are using:

Vista operating system

From the System window you can locate your computer Operating System

Where is that Easy button…….That Was Easy!