How To Clean Computer Screen

A clean computer screen is something you may not think about until you can’s see the content for the finger prints. Modern LCD computer screens display pictures, movies and other graphics beautifully, but if cleaned in the wrong way, over time the screen’s surface will become dull and “milky”.

I have tried many products designed for LCD screen cleaning and most of them worked poorly, and were too expensive to use regularly. I have discovered a way to keep not only my computer screens, but my TVs and cell phones clean also, and it costs almost nothing.

Facial tissues and paper towels will quickly dull the finish by putting tiny scratches in the surface. I don’t know the science behind this, but any seamstress will tell you not to use her “good” scissors to cut paper. Just as the paper dulls the scissors, any paper product will cut the plastic surface of an LCD screen. Just as you should never wipe dust off of your car with a dry rag, the same goes for your computer, or other LCD screen. Water and other cleaning agents lubricate the dust so that it doesn’t scratch the surface as it is being loosened, wiped and rinsed away.

Microfiber cloths are becoming more and more common these days, they come with glasses, iPods and cameras, and these will work for computer screens, but I find the larger ones from the car cleaning section of the store are a better size, and I don’t loose them as often. Microfiber cloths are the best for cleaning LCD screens. They are designed to pick up and trap dust deep in the material, and not to drag the dust across the surface, which will scratch it, causing swirling and cloudiness.

Have you ever used tap water on a computer screen? It will usually leave water marks that can be worse than the dust and fingerprints you were trying to remove. Tap water contains minerals that get left behind as it evaporates, causing drippy water marks. Distilled water has no minerals, so it dries clean. Rubbing alcohol will help to cut the oil in a fingerprint and cause the water to evaporate more quickly.

Mix equal parts of distilled water and rubbing alcohol in a clean spray bottle. Spray the microfiber towel lightly with the mixture and wipe off the screen. See, clean as a whistle.

This same method can be used on the keyboard and mouse, you must be careful to not let any water get scraped off the towel by the edges of the keys, as this will cause water to run down in your keyboard, and that would not be good. As an added benefit, the alcohol kills germs. I use this on my glasses too.

When it comes time to clean the microfiber towel, use some distilled water to clean it by hand. Remember, cleaning the towel with tap water will put minerals in the rag, and that is the reason we used the distilled water in the first place.