Do I Need A Gigabit Router?

No, most likely not, unless you have more than one teenager AND you store your movies on one computer and watch them on another (media center). If you need a new one for some other reason, go ahead and get the gigabit, though I don’t think you will need the extra speed.The standard 100 MBS routers, switches and ethernet adapters are far faster than your internet connection. Now, if you are watching movies online with a “b” wireless router, then you would do well to upgrade to an “n”.

Now, if you need a router, by all means get the newest technology you can afford, but at this time the average home user does not need to scrap their routers that are working well.

The term “gigabit” refers to the maximum possible speed that the network interface card and the cable can possibaly transmit data. More specificaly, it refers to a standard that the manufacturer of the network interface card and the cable have to meet in order to lable it as “gigabit”. It has nothing to do with wireless connection speeds.
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