Rename Folder in Windows Vista

Rename folder? Did you create a folder but spelled the word wrong? Do you have a folder created that you wish was called something else? Click on the read more link below and see the easy steps on how to rename a folder:

For this exercise we are going to rename a folder called Personal to Taxes 2012:

  1. First you must be inside Documents, so click on Start on the bottom left of the screen
  2. From the Start Menu look to the right and click one time on Documents
  3. Here you should see the folder you need to rename
  4. To rename the Personal folder to Taxes 2012 folder, select Personal folder by moving the mouse pointer to the Personal folder and click one time. This selects the folder, which highlights the folder.

    Selecting a Folder

    Selecting a folder

  5. Look at the top left of the screen and click the Down Arrow beside the word Organize 
  6. Move the mouse pointer down the menu and click one time on Rename.
  7. The Family folder is now highlighted and ready to rename, don’t click just take your hand off the mouse and type Recipes 2012 and press the Enter key.

NOTE: If you accidently click the mouse before you typed the name, just start back to step 4 until you have succeeded!

If you want to learn how to create a new folder click on the link below:

If you want to learn how to delete a folder click on the link below: