Windows 7 WordPad

Windows 7 comes with a word processing software called WordPad.  Although there is no spell checker in WordPad, there are many other tools that can be used.  Let’s take a look at the WordPad tools and find out the different WordPad features:

To open WordPad on your computer just point your mouse to the Start button located in the bottom left of the screen:


In the Search Box type Wordpad, point your mouse to Wordpad and left click one time:


Windows 7 Search Box with WordPad

The first picture below is called the Ribbon. There are two tabs on the WordPad Ribbon, the Home tab and the View Tab:

Home Tab:


Home Tab in WordPad

View Tab:


View Tab in WordPad

The first section of the Home tab is the Clibboard:



Clipboard in WordPad

Paste, Cut and Copy: These are the tools you use when you want to duplicate, move or erase text or pictures

Let’s take a look at the Font and Font size in the Home tab:


Font Tool in Wordpad

Font: Calibri is one of the many different fonts in WordPad.  Changing the font alters the appearance of the text that was highlighted. To change your font, click on the drop down arrow (see blue arrow below) in the Font box and select a different font from the list, use the scroll bar to view more fonts (see red arrow below).  Click on the font that is appealing and when you start to type your new font will be displayed. If you have already typed you can still change your text by highlighting the text first then making your changes. As long as the text is highlighted you can keep changing the font until you are satisfied with a new font.  After choosing the font you like you un-highlight the text by clicking on any empty space in your document. Try looking at a couple of fun fonts like Jokerman, Curlz and Wingdings (Wingdings font changes letters into symbols!)

NOTE: If you don’t know how to highlight text, just click this link to the article that will help you learn:


Font Size in WordPad

Font Size: Increases or decreases text size.  The number 11 above is the font size. If you start typing you will be typing in the font size 11. To increase text size either click the drop down arrow beside the number 11 or click once on the larger capital “A” next to the font size number. To decrease click on size smaller click on the smaller capital “A”. Remember if you have already typed you must first highlight the text before you can do any editing.

Below the Font and Font size you will see other formatting tools:


Font Formatting in Wordpad

Bold: Enhances/darkens text – example

Italic: Italicize text/puts a slight slant to text – example

Underline: Underlines text – example

Strikethrough: Puts a line though the middle of text – example

Subscript: Prints text smaller and lower than normal text, usually used chemical formulas – example H2O

Superscript: Prints the text smaller and higher then normal text, commonly used in math problems – example x2=25

Highlight Color: Just like a regular highlighter this will make your text appear highlighted. Click the drop down arrow for choice of highlight colors – example

Color:  Changes color of text

The next section on the WordPad Ribbon is Paragraph:


Paragraph Tool in WordPad

Decrease and Increase Indent: The left button will decrease by 5 spaces text that is indented, the right will increase text 5 spaces to indent

Bullets: Choice of circles, numbers, letters or Roman numerials indicating a new item or sentence, sometimes used in checklists, line items, questionaires, etc.

Line Spacing: Choose how many lines you wish spaced between text

Line Justification and Alignment: Quick tools to use to Left, Center and Right align a line, a page or paragraph. The fourth button is to align text both left and right adding spaces between words if necessary
Paragraph Dialog: Allows you to set the line spacing, indention, alignment and tabs


Insert Tool

Insert: From this panel with just a click or two you can insert a picture from a file on your computer, click on Paint drawing and draw a picture then exit Paint and the picture will appear on your document, insert the date and time from various formats and insert an object like a Microsoft Excel worksheet, graph, chart etc.


Find Tool

Find and Replace: To locate particular text, just click Find, if you want to substitute a word, click Replace. Very useful tools if you wrote a long document because it can find the text quicker than you can blink!

Select All: When you need to edit an entire document click Select all and the whole document will be highlighted so you can continue editing.


Zoom in WordPad

Zoom: Zoom in will enlarge the text on your screen, Zoom out will decrease the text. The text is decreased or increased by percentage, to bring the document back to the default, click 100%


Zoom 2 in WordPad

Zoom Two: I made that name up! This is located at the bottom right of your screen and will zoom in and out just like on the View tab. Comes in handy if you don’t want to switch tabs since it always appears at the bottom right of the screen.

To learn how to Save, Print and create new Documents in Wordpad, click on the link below and read the article about WordPad Menu: