Have Fun: Play Solitaire in Windows 7 While Learning Mouse Maneuvers and Solitaire Options

If you need some practice using your mouse then why not have fun at the same time by playing Solitaire on your computer?  It is easy, addictive and fun, plus you become skilled and proficient with your mouse by playing Solitaire along with learning a few Solitaire options! Here are some setting options and ways that Solitaire can help you become a skillful mouse driver:

Ways that Solitaire can help you become a skillful mouse driver:

  1. Practice your double clicking by placing your mouse on an Ace or any card that belongs up in one of the four home stacks and double click.  The computer will automatically send your card to the correct stack.
  2. Practice the right click by right clicking on the background (not on a card) and any card that is available will be sent to a home stack.
  3. Learn to drag by placing your mouse on a card that should be moved from one column to another, press the left mouse button, hold, then drag the card to the correct space.
  4. Single click is practiced by left clicking once on the deck of cards turned face down.

There are also settings that can be changed in Solitaire to keep the game interesting.

Left click on Game at the top left of the screen and select the following options:

  1. New Game – If you are in the middle of a game and click on New Game, you will have the option to either Quit and start a new game, Restart the current game or Keep playing.
  2. Undo – If you make a mistake select Undo.  You can keep clicking Game/Undo over and over again to go back to the previous play.



  3. Hint – Don’t see another move?  Ask the computer for a hint and the next play will highlight.
  4. Statistics – This option keeps track of all the games played, won, percentages, losing streaks along with timed and non timed games.  Interesting also is a Statistic on Vegas Solitaire.
  5. Options – Decide which type of Solitaire is to be played and adjust how many cards are drawn each time, one or three. Check a box if the game is timed.  Decide if sound, tips, animations, and saving the game should be turned on or off.
  6. Change Appearance – This setting allows the deck appearance to be changed and also has a Large Print Deck which comes in handy.  The background can also be adjusted from the casual green felt to something a bit more bold, like Red Hearts.  Or just check the box “Randomly choose my deck and background” and be surprised each game.

If you have never played Solitaire or it has been a while, see a set of instructions and rules for Solitaire by clicking on Help and select View Help.

I personally like the Spider Solitaire, locate it the same way by typing Spider Solitaire in your Search box from the Start Menu.

Once you get the hang of playing it becomes a challenge that can keep you up late at night.

But, don’t blame me when you are up late driving your mouse around Solitaire like a professional!