How to Add a Start Menu Shortcut

Do you have a favorite program or game you want to add to your Start Menu? Maybe you play Solitaire frequently or use Microsoft Word often and want it to always appear on the Start Menu. In 3 easy steps you can learn how to add a Start Menu shortcut!
Just follow the 3 steps listed to edit your Start Menu below: 

  1. First use the Search box on the Start Menu to locate your favorite program by clicking on the Start button and typing part of the program’s name in the Search box. For instance if you were looking for Solitaire you would just type Sol and Solitaire will appear at the top of the Start Menu – don’t click on Solitaire, just point your mouse over it.
  2. RIGHT click with your mouse pointing at Solitaire and select Pin to Start Menu.
Pinning Solitaire to the Start menu

Pinning Solitaire to the Start menu

  1. Immediately an Solitaire will be placed above the line on the Start Menu indicating that it will always appear.

If you decide you don’t want a program pinned to the Start Menu, just point to the program on your Start Menu and RIGHT click and then LEFT click Unpin from Start Menu.