Windows 7: How to End Programs

Computer Frozen? How to Easily End Programs in Windows 7

Have you ever been on your computer and all of a sudden your computer is frozen? Nothing you click on works and you try everything? Well, don’t shut your computer off, instead try to end programs that are running on the computer. Click on continue reading for more details: 

When your computer won’t respond to anything you need to try to bring up the Task Manager and end all the programs. Here is how you do it:

Place your mouse on the bottom of your screen on the Taskbar and RIGHT click, then LEFT click Start Task Manager:


The Task Manager window will appear and you should see on the Applications tab how many programs you have running

Click on the program you want to stop and then click on End Task at the bottom of the window

In the example below Solitaire has been selected to end:


After you end as many programs as you need then just click on the red X on the top right corner of the Task Manager window to exit

Now your computer should respond better!