How to Setup Accounts on the Computer in Windows 7

Easily Setup User Accounts on Your Computer with Windows 7

Did you know that you have a computer account? When you bought your computer, someone probably set up your computer account. But if you have other people using your computer you need to create separate accounts on the computer. If you have children or grandchildren using your computer you should set up a separate computer account. You would not want a child or another person using your account because they might accidently delete some of your information or download information that doesn’t interest you. Click continue reading to find out how to set up accounts on your computer:

  • To create a new user account on your computer, click on Start and click on the Account Picture at the top right of the Start Menu:

Windows 7 Start Screen Account Picture

  • Click Manage another account:

Windows 7 Control Panel Manage Account

  • Click Create a new account:

Windows 7 Create New Account

  • Type in name of account, you could use Grandchild, or type a particular name:

Windows 7 New Account Name

  • Standard user should already be selected, if not select Standard user then click Create Account (You should be the only one with an Administrator account unless you share the computer with another adult then you can set up multiple Administrator accounts, but normally there should be only one Administrator account)
  • After you click Create Account the next window will reflect your new account:

Windows 7 New User Account

  • To exit just click the red X at the top right of your screen

Now when you log off your computer you will be see your new account (remember logging off is NOT shutting down the computer)


Windows 7 Start Screen with New Account Picture

Now, you are a pro at creating new computer accounts!