Windows 7 Paint Program: How to Draw Shapes

Do you want to learn how to draw shapes on your computer? It’s easy with Windows 7 Paint program. You can easily learn how to draw shapes on your computer like hearts, squares, circles, stars and much more! You don’t have to be an artist to use it, you just need to know how to click and drag! Just click on continue reading below for a step by step exercise on how to draw a heart shape:
Create a Heart Shape:

  1. Open Paint by clicking on Start and typing Paint in the Search box located above the Start button and click on Paint from the Start Menu.Typing Paint in Search Box
  2. OR click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories and click Paint.
  3. Windows 7 Paint has the familiar Ribbon just like in WordPad. Remember Undo and Redo arrows are at the top left beside the Save Icon.
  4. If you can’t see Undo and Redo just click the drop down arrow (small black triangle) to see a list of options to Customize the Quick Access Toolbar  Undo and Redo Buttons
  5. Click on the drop down arrow (small black triangle) under Shapes to see the Shape choices, notice the Heart shape at the bottom and click on it. Shapes Tool in Windows Paint Program
  6. We are going to draw the Heart in black and fill in the Heart with red. Notice Color 1 should already be black, if not click on Color 1 and then click on the small black square. (click is always left click, unless stated to right click)
  7. Click on Color 2 and then click on the small red square.Color 1 Black and Color 2 Red
  8. Color 1 is for Left clicking and Color 2 is for Right clicking.  For instance, if you have Black as Color 1 and Red as Color 2, left click on the Heart shape and Left click will create a Black Heart shape.  Right click and it will create a Red Heart shape. 
  9. Practice making Heart shapes by Left clicking and holding and dragging the mouse to create a Black Heart shape and then Right click and hold and drag the mouse to make a Red Heart. (hint: try dragging the mouse diagonally to create the shape)Black and Red Outlined Heart Shapes
  10. To Fill the Heart shapes with color, click on the Paint Bucket in the Tools section. Paint Bucket Tool
  11. Point to the middle of the Black outlined Heart shape and RIGHT click and it fills the Heart shape with Red, point to the middle of the Red Heart shape and LEFT click and the Heart shape will fill with Black. Black and Red Filled Heart Shapes

There are other shapes and many colors that you can experiment with and have fun in the process! Happy Doodling!