Windows 7 Themes

How to Change Your Computer Appearance with Windows 7 Themes

When your computer is powered on, the main screen which usually has a picture, design or photo is called a desktop.  A Windows theme usually combines desktop background pictures or photos along with window color and sound.  Window color is the tint that surrounds each window, and the sound is the tune you hear when you make choices, for instance closing a program or receiving a new email.

When a new Windows theme is chosen, usually the background picture will change along with the window color and sound.

You can change your Windows theme in about 2 minutes. Here’s how:


To change a desktop theme in Windows 7:

  1. Place the mouse on any free space on the desktop (not on top of any of the icons), press the right mouse button and select Personalize.
  2. The Personalization window will appear.  Microsoft has several theme choices to choose from, just position your mouse over any of the themes and left click once. Your theme will automatically be changed.
  3. To view all of the theme slides, scroll down to the bottom of the page, located Desktop Background, left click once.
  4. Desktop Background page will be displayed and you may select or un-select any choices.
  5. You may also select the Picture position, Change picture every minutes/hours/days, Shuffle and determine if you want the slide show to continue when using battery power.
  6. Press the blue back button if you want to return to look at more windows themes or use the scroll bar.
  7. After you have made your selection, click Save changes at the bottom.
  8. Notice at the bottom of the Personalization window you should have a new Desktop Background, Window Color and Sound.

Microsoft offers many free Windows themes.  Go to Microsoft Themes by repeating Step 1 listed above (right click on any free space on your desktop and select Personalize) and on the Personalization window click on Get more themes online, ( )

Before you click on any of the themes, which triggers an automatic download, view the themes by clicking Preview themes located under Windows 7 Themes.  Then after you have made your choice you can click the back arrow at the top left to return to the previous page to download the theme.

If you download a Windows theme but did not see it in the Personalization window, check Downloads by clicking on the Start button and typing Downloads.

There are many other websites that offer free and paid Windows themes, just do a Google search for “windows theme” or “desktop theme” and you will get many choices. Be sure to check these files with your antivirus program and don’t give out any personal information to these sites.

Enjoy a new theme each season, or month or day!