WordPad Menu

Windows 7 comes with a word processing software called WordPad.  Although there is no spell checker in WordPad, there are many other tools that can be used. In this article let’s take a look at the WordPad menu.

To open WordPad on your computer just point your mouse to the Start button located in the bottom left of the screen:


In the Search Box type Wordpad, point your mouse to Wordpad and left click one time:


WordPad in Windows 7 uses a Ribbon for the tools instead of a regular toolbar. The WordPad Ribbon has 3 tabs, WordPad Menu, Home and View. Let’s take a look at how to use WordPad by starting with the WordPad Menu:


Tabs in WordPad

First tab on the left is the WordPad Menu, left click once on the upside down triangle to open the menu:


WordPad Menu

Notice the choices and the column to the right that suggests your last recent documents.

Here is what happens when you left click one time on each of the following:

New – opens a blank page or a New document

Open – opens up Documents so you can choose to open an already existing document for editing, reading or to print

Save – when you have created a new document or edited an existing document you should click on Save so that your data will not be lost

Save As – use this tool when you want to change a name of an already existing document but want to keep the original document or can also be used to change the format of a document. Notice the arrow to the right of Save As, this means there is another menu, hover your mouse over Save As and another menu will appear. From this menu you can choose another format to use on the document

Print – also has another menu when you hover your mouse over Print.  It is always a good practice to go to Print Preview before you print. Print Preview is an option from the Print menu

Page setup – allows you to change the Paper size, Orientation and Margins

Send in e-mail – lets you send the document attached to an email

About WordPad – tells you the version of WordPad and any Service Packs that have been downloaded

Exit – completely closes WordPad

To learn more about other WordPad features read the Windows 7 WordPad article: http://helpingbee.com/computers/windows-7-wordpad/#more-408