How to Get Mahjong in Windows 8

Easy Steps on How to Get Mahjong for Windows 8

If you just got a computer with Windows 8 and can’t find Mahjong don’t worry you can get it for free and it has a new look Below are the easy steps on how to get Mahjong for Windows 8From the Windows 8 Start screen tap or click the Store tile. Start typing Mahj


Tap or click Microsoft Mahjong then tap or click Install

When the download is complete you will receive a message stating your apps were installed

Press the Windows key to navigate back to the Start screen and swipe the screen or use the mouse to navigate to the next screen and locate the Mahjong tile and click or tap to open


Before you click or tap on Choose Puzzle you can change the Theme (Themes are located on the left side of the screen)

Once you have chose a puzzle then you can choose a level (Easy, Medium, etc.)

The puzzle will load with a stunning new look and sound!

There is a Back arrow at the top left of the screen if you wish to go back and select a different puzzle