How To Reset Password in Windows 8

Learn how to reset your password in Windows 8 in just a few short steps:

If you are reading this article then you already have completed step 1 which is you must have an internet connection. Of course, you may have to use your neighbor’s computer, or get one of your children to bring over a laptop that you could borrow for a few minutes.

Simply navigate to:

Follow the instructions on the Microsoft Website by filling in your email address and typing the characters you see:

Microsoft Reset Password

Microsoft Reset Password

Next you will be asked which method you want to use for resetting your password, choose either by email or text message to your cell phone (make sure you can receive text messages if you choose the cell phone option.)

Microsoft Reset Password Option

Microsoft Reset Password Option

You can always choose to fill out the questionnaire, it will just take longer.

If you choose the email method, Microsoft will send you a link to click to your email, just click the link and reset your password.

The fastest way is to choose the text message on the cell phone. Microsoft sends you a code that you input into the computer screen  and you are then allowed to change your password. NOTE: You have to use a different password, one that you have not recently used.

Once you have changed your password, you can log on to your Windows 8 computer using your new password.