The Snipping Tool: How to Copy and Paste in Windows 8

There have been many times when I have been surfing the internet and just wanted to copy and paste a piece of information, but found it difficult. Now copying and pasting can be easy using the Snipping Tool that comes with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8!

To locate the Snipping Tool in Windows 8, just start typing Snip from the Start Screen

Snipping Tool in Windows 8

Snipping Tool in Windows 8

At this point, if you want to pin it to your Start Screen or Task Bar where you can find it easily, just place your mouse on the Snipping Tool and RIGHT click and then left click Pin to Start or choose Pin to Task Bar. In the picture below I already have it pinned to my Start and Task Bar so the option is to “unpin”.

Pin Snipping Tool

Pin Snipping Tool

If you choose to pin it to your Task Bar then a small icon of Scissors will be placed on your Task Bar so that you won’t have to search for it again. You see it when you click on Desktop, the bottom bar is called the Task Bar. Here is what the icon looks like:

Snipping Tool

To try it out just click once the Snipping Tool icon. The Snipping Tool Window will appear:

Snipping Tool Window

From the window, you can click on Options:

Snipping Tool Options

Check the options that you desire and click OK. Next click the drop down arrow beside New (see picture below)  to select how you wish to capture your data or image:

Snipping Tool New
Choose how you wish to snip, for instace Free Form would mean you use your mouse or touch pad to trace around the data or image, Retangle is similar to cropping pictures or you can choose a window or full screen snip.

Once you have made your choice, your screen will temporarily fog over, allowing you to move your mouse pointer to where you wish to snip, then hold down the left mouse button and drag it across the data or image you wish to capture.

Release the left mouse button and the final snipping tool window will appear:

Snipping Tool Final Window

Here you have several options. You can choose to copy, then paste your snip elsewhere, Email your Snip, you can use the pencil or highlighter to draw or edit your Snip, you can use the eraser to remove part of the Snip then you can save your Snip.

Snipping is very handy to use with recipes, instructions, images or anything that is difficult to use the regular copy and paste method. The only down side to snipping is that you cannot print from the snipping window. You must first copy and paste your snip into another program, like WordPad. Then from WordPad you can print your masterpiece!