Windows 8: How to Change Your Account Picture

Your computer has your user account set up and, along with your user account, you have the option to have a computer account picture. In Windows 8 the default picture is just a silhouette or image of a person. You can change that easily, especially if you have a computer that has a built in camera. Click the read more link below for the easy steps.

  • From the Start screen tap or click on your account picture at the top right of the computer screen and tap or click Change account picture:

Windows 8 start screen account picture

  • If your computer has a camera built in you can just tap or click the camera icon to take your picture:

Windows 8 change account picture dialog 2

  • If you don’t want to take a picture of yourself you can just put anything in front of the camera and snap the pictures (Usually pressing the Enter key or the Space Bar will take a picture and it’s fun to snap different objects:

Windows 8 changing account pictures dialog

  • If your computer does not have a camera then you can choose a picture from your computer by clicking on Browse

NOTE: if you have not downloaded pictures to your computer and need instructions, check out this Helping Bee article on How to Download Pictures from a Camera

  • Once you click on Browse you will see a screen that has your pictures and just click or tap on the picture you wish to designate as your account picture then click or tap Choose Image:

Windows 8 browse for account picture

  • Now your account picture has been sucessfully changed:

Windows 8 account picture changed