Windows 8 How to Right Click on a Touch Screen

Windows 8 How to Right Click on a Touch Screen

If you just purchased a computer with Windows 8 and it came with a touch screen you might find it difficult to right click if you are using only the touch feature and not a mouse. You will need to right click on some of the tiles in the Windows 8 Start screen if you want to turn a live tile off. Live tiles have news, pictures, weather, etc. that change periodically. Turning live tiles off is a snap! By right clicking you can also remove a tile from the Start screen by unpinning. You can even make some tiles smaller or uninstall the app. In the exercise below we are going to turn off the live Weather tile

  • Navigate to the Windows 8 Start screen
  • Touch and hold on the Weather tile until you see a check mark behind the tile


  • Release the tile and you will see the check mark is now in the top right corner and options will appear at the bottom of your screen

Touch/Tap Turn live tile off at the bottom of the screen and take a bow!

You have mastered right clicking on a touch screen!