Windows 8: How to Snap an App

Snapping is not a new concept with Windows 8 however the ability to “Snap an App” with a touch screen adds a touch of “coolness with fun”! Snapping or Areo Snap (Windows 7) makes it easy to view 2 windows at the same time.

Windows 8 Snapping Apps

In the exercise below we will use Snapping to open Explorer and Paint side by side

  • From the Start Screen begin typing Paint
  • Click or touch Paint to open on your Desktop
  • To Snap using a touch screen touch and hold the title bar (see picture below) and swipe to the right side of the screen (if Paint came up in a Maximized state or full screen try swiping down first, then to the right or Restore the screen down to a smaller size before the swipe.)

Snap Paint Title Bar 2

  • If you don’t have a touch screen then try pressing the Windows key + an arrow key or take the mouse and click and hold on the title bar then move quickly to the right

Snap Paint right side

  • Next open Explorer by clicking or touching the Explorer Icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Using one of the same technique as above swipe Explorer to the left of the screen

Snap Internet Explorer and Paint

Now wasn’t that a Snap?