Windows 8: Preventing a Program from Running on Startup

Some computer programs get installed in such a way, that they want to run whenever your computer is on. These include little helper programs like Adobe reader, and un-needed programs like browser toolbars and Skype. This can slow your computer down and no one wants a slow computer. Here is an easy way to control which programs start automatically.

Windows 8 How to Edit Programs in Startup

When you turn on your computer you may have some startup programs that always open or start. For instance if you have Skype on your computer when you turn your computer on Skype may automatically open and reside on your taskbar. There may be other programs starting on startup that you might want to stop. With Windows 8 it’s easy to prevent startup programs. Here are the steps below to stop programs on startup:

  • From the Start screen start typing Task Manager
  • When Task Manager appears just touch or click on Task Manager
  • Click on the Startup Tab

Windows 8: Task Manager startup tab

  • Click or tap on the program you want to stop at startup and then click or touch Disable at the bottom right

See, that was easy!​