Slide Show in Windows Vista

How to Make a Slide Show in Vista

Did you ever wonder how people got their own pictures to rotate on their computer screen? That is called a Slide Show and with Windows Vista it is really easy! All you need are pictures that you have downloaded from your camera to your computer and about 5 minutes!To make a Slide Show using your own pictures, first locate your pictures. Most likely your pictures are located in the Pictures directory. To get to Pictures, just click on the Start button and select Pictures on the right of the Start Menu. Decide which pictures you want to be in the Slide Show then highlight each picture by moving the mouse pointer over the picture then press the Ctrl (Control) key on your keyboard, while holding it down left click on the mouse. While still holding the Ctrl key down, move the mouse to another picture and left click until it is highlighted. Or if you want all the pictures in the Slide Show, click Organize at the top left of the screen and click Select All. Once you have all your pictures highlighted click Slide Show located at the top of the screen. Viola! Your Slide Show will begin.

To Exit out of the Slide Show, press the Esc (Escape) key located at the top left of your keyboard or move your mouse to the bottom of the screen until the toolbar appears and press Exit.

Also located on the toolbar in the center is Pause/Play, click either to resume or to pause the Slide Show. Have some fun and change the Theme located to the left of the toolbar or change the speed located to the right. Use the arrows on each side of the Pause/Play button to proceed forward or backwards.


Slide Shows are fun and entertaining to set up for Family events and Holidays.