How to create folders in Windows XP

Would you like to better organize your documents in your computer? Or would you like to organize your pictures in your computer so they are easier to find? Why not create folders? Creating folders in Windows XP is very easy, just click on the read more link below to see the steps to create new folders:

Here are 4 easy steps to create folders in Windows XP:

  1. Point your mouse to the Start button and then left click one time
  2. The Start Menu will appear, then point your mouse to My Documents and left click one time
  3. Look to the left-hand side of the screen and under File and Folder Tasks, left click once on Make a new folder
  4. Look over to the right and you should see a folder with the words New Folder highlighted – Don’t click – Just type the name you wish to name the folder and press Enter

Create New Folders in Windows XP