XP: How to Customize the Start Menu

Would you like a certain program or game to stay on your Start Menu? The exercise below explains how to put Solitaire on the Start Menu so it will always appear when you click on Start. Just click continue reading to get started:

Add A Program To The Start Menu>/h2>
To have a game or program continuously listed on the Start Menu the game or program must appear above the line separator. If you look closely you will see a faint gray line that separates items on the left side of the Menu. The items above the gray line will always appear, the items below are items you most frequently use.

XP Start Menu


Listed below are 2 different ways to put Solitaire on the Start Menu above the separator line so each time you click on Start you will see Solitaire appear:

  1. Click on Start, point and select All Programs, click on Games
  2. Hover over Solitaire then RIGHT click on Solitaire and LEFT click Pin to Start menu

Of course there is another way too if you like to click and drag, but we recommend the previous steps

  1. Instead of RIGHT clicking, LEFT click and HOLD and DRAG Solitaire over to Start menu.