WordPad Toolbar in Windows XP

Windows XP comes with a word processing software called WordPad.  Although there is no spell checker in WordPad, there are many other tools that can be used.  Let’s take a look at the WordPad toolbar and find out the different features WordPad toolbar offers:
Below is the tool bar that is located at the top of the screen in WordPad:

Let’s start on the left side of the toolbar:

Font: Arial is one of the many different fonts in WordPad.  Changing the font alters the appearance of the text that was highlighted. To change your font, highlight any text, click on the drop down arrow (tiny upside down black triangle) in the Font box and select a different font from the list (use the scroll bar to view more fonts).  Click on the font that is appealing and the highlighted text will now be displayed in the new font.  As long as the text is highlighted you can keep changing the font until you are satisfied with a new font.  After choosing the font you like you un-highlight the text by clicking on any empty space in your document.  Try looking at a couple of fun fonts like Jokerman, Curlz and Wingdings (Wingdings font changes letters into symbols!)

Font Size:  Increases or decreases text size.  to increase text size, highlight text, click the drop down arrow in the font size box and select a size, the larger the number the bigger the text size.

Font Script:  After you choose a Font, the Font Script will default to a script.  Scripts can be changed on few fonts.

Bold:  Enhances/darkens text; highlighted text, click Bold to enhance the text.

Italic:  Italicize text; highlight some text, click Italic to Italicize or slant text.

Underline:  Underlines text; highlight some text, click Underline and text will be underlined.

Color:  Changes color of text; highlight the text, click Color and select a color from the palette.  Un-highlight the text to see the color change (you will not see the color change unless you un-highlight the text).

Align Left:  Moves highlighted text to the left side of the page; highlight text, click Align Left, all text will move and align to the left margin.

Center:  Moves highlighted text to the center of the page; highlight text, click Center, text will move to the center of the page.

Align Right:  Moves highlighted text to the right of the page; highlight text, click Align Right and the text will move to the right margin.

Bullets: Solid circles indicating a new item or sentence, sometimes used in checklists; highlight text, click Bullet, a solid circle will appear, text should be added after each bullet. Pressing Enter at the end of a bulleted statement will start a new bulleted statement on the next line.

New:  Creates new WordPad document.

Open: Click Open and depending on how your computer is set up, generally Documents will open allowing you to choose an existing file or program to open.

Save:  Click to save your current document work.  A good practice is to click on Save every ten minutes in case power is lost of the computer shuts down unexpectedly.

Print: Click to print the document

Print Preview:  A good practice to click Print Preview before printing to see how your document will look before printing.

Search:  Click Search to locate a word or phrase on the document.

Copy:  Duplicates text and pictures; highlight the text you want to duplicate, click Copy (you will have to move your cursor to the location where you want the duplicated text,  and click Paste (see Paste below). Don’t click Copy again or you will loose the first text that was copied.

Paste: After text or pictures have been cut or copied, position the cursor where the copied or cut text will be and click Paste.  In order to move or copy text or pictures it takes two actions – 1st action = Copy or Cut  2nd action = Paste

Undo: This can be your best friend!  When you make a mistake, for instance if something was copied in the wrong place, just click Undo and the last action or task will be erased like it was never done!  Keep pressing Undo and the computer will keep going backwards to the previous task.

Date/Time:  Click to insert the current date/time into your document.

Another feature about the WordPad toolbar is that it can be moved around on your screen.  Just find a spot on the toolbar without selecting a tool, left click and hold and drag the toolbar to one side or up or down:

I personally like my toolbar along one line: