Apple TV

The Apple TV is a great little device for expanding the possibilities for enjoying your television. With it you can watch movies from iTunes, Netflix and others, you can stream music from your computer or iTunes, and view your photo collection on your widescreen TV.

Apple TV: It’s not a television, but it makes your’s better!

Apple TVWith Apple TV and an iTunes account you can rent High Definition movies from your recliner. No more going to the video store, often new movies are available before the DVDs and Blue-rays go on sale.

Apple TV also gives your living room TV an interface to Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and Vimeo, for free and lower cost entertainment.

You can view your photos from Flickr or from a Mac computer that is connected to your wireless network. Did I say it connects wirelessly or via ethernet? You will need an HDMI cable, such as a VISIO TXCH8X-A0, which is not included.

Here’s a part I love, we use iTunes to store and play our music collection. When we have a get together, iTunes can play the same music over our computer speakers and the surround sound system where the Apple TV is. No more running wires in the attic and down the walls.

We have had our Apple TV for about 5 years now, and since it updates itself, we have had no reason to want to get a new one, though we have thought of getting another one.