iPad Finger Techniques

If you just recently received an iPad you may not be aware of all of the iPad finger techniques or different ways to use your finger on the iPad. Here is a short list of iPad finger techniques and what happens after you move your fingers in certain ways.

Tap – This is probably one of the first iPad finger techniques you learned, how to tap the screen. Tap on an icon and the application will open, for example tap the iBooks icon to purchase or read a book, tap the Photos icon and you can view your pictures.

Tap and Hold – This action will bring up a small menu or list of options. For instance, if you tap Notes from the Home screen and type a list of items and then decided to copy the list, just tap and hold anywhere on the list and a Select, Select All pop-up will appear. Tap Select All to copy your list. If you are in Photos and want to copy a picture, just tap and hold and select Copy.

Double Tap – When viewing photos double tap will zoom in on the area that you tapped. To zoom back out, double tap again. If you happen to double tap in Notes, this brings up the same menus as Tap and Hold only a single word may be highlighted, allowing you to only work with that particular word. If you watch videos, double tapping the screen can bring the video to full screen, double tap again to resume the previous screen size.

Slide or Drag – Already you have used Slide to unlock your iPad, drag is just about the same, an example of drag is adjusting the volume. While in the iPod app, drag your finger across the volume control to adjust the volume.

Flick – I personally love to flick! When reading a book you can turn the pages by flicking the screen. Just take your finger and lightly zoom across the screen and the page will turn. Lightly flick the other side of the page and the previous page will appear. This works well in Photos also, just give a photo a flick and the next photo will appear on your screen. Flicking will also scroll up and down pages quickly, so if you are in a hurry to get to the bottom of a page, just give it a few quick flicks.

Pinch and Spread – The first time I saw someone use this iPad finger technique I thought it was the coolest of all! On a picture and put your thumb together with your pointer finger like you are “pinching the screen”. Slowly open your pinched fingers on the screen and watch the picture enlarge. To enlarge part of a document use the same pinch and spread technique. To return to the picture or document to the smaller size, spread your finger and thumb on the screen then pinch them together. Isn’t that cool?

Discovering how finger techniques work in different iPad applications is half the fun, so don’t just get stuck tapping, have some fun and let your fingers do the flicking, pinching, dragging and spreading!

Sometimes I learn better watching a video, click on the link below and watch Ipad Pete instruct you with his video!

Click Here!
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