iPad: How To Add A Calendar Event

When you get to be my age, you tend to try to “write it down” or in this case “type it in”.  iPad comes with a calendar that helps me remember that Thursday is trash day and I need to put the cans at the curb!  Here is how to add an event in the iPad calendar:

  1. To add an event to the iPad calendar, tap on calendar
  2. Next tap the plus + sign at the bottom right of the iPad
  3. Type in the Title and Location information
  4. Tap Starts/Ends to input when the event will start and when it will end (if you have changed your mind, there is a Cancel button at the top left)
  5. Start will be highlighted so you can input that information first by scrolling the date wheel for the appropriate date and time (make sure to select AM or PM)
  6. Tap on Ends and scroll the wheel for the correct date and time when the event ends
  7. Or if it is an all day event just tap the Off button next to All-day and it will slide over to the On position
  8. When you have finished with the Start and End time, tap Done at the top right of the window
  9. If the event should repeat (like my trash pick-up on Thursdays!) tap Repeat and select how often the event will repeat
  10. Tap Done when you have completed the repeat event
  11. Tap End Repeat to key in a date to end the repeated event, tap Done at the top right when complete
  12. Tap Alert to set a reminder and select from 5 minutes to 1 day for your reminder to alert you
  13. Tap Done after the Alert has been scheduled
  14. If you have different calendars set up you can select which calendar this event should be set, for instance is it a Business or Home event?  Obviously taking out the trash should be placed on my Home calendar.  After you have made your selection, tap Done at the top right
  15. If you have any special notes to type just tap Notes and input any text.  Then tap Done

You should now be able to view your new event, if not just tap on the date listed at the bottom of the screen or tap on the months at the bottom of the screen until you get to the new event month then tap on the date. If for some reason you can’t find the event, try searching for the event by keying in some of the text in the search box at the top right.

Now, there should be no reason for me to forget to take the trash to the curb on Thursdays now that I have added a new event and set the alert!

iPad:The Missing ManualWant to learn more about the iPad features? Just click on the iPad book to the left and check out David Pogue’s iPad the Missing Manual, it is easy to read and has step by step instructions.  You can even download the Kindle edition to your computer so that you could read the manual while learning new processes on your iPad!
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