iPad: How to Copy and Paste Text

Surfing around on the iPad, I soon found an article that I wanted to keep and found myself wondering how do you copy and paste on an iPad?  As it turns out, it isn’t that hard, here’s how:
The first thing you need to know is that Ctrl C does not work on the iPad (you may notice there is not a key labeled Ctrl) so you must copy text another way.

  1. The best way I have found to copy text is to put your finger on the text you want to copy and a magnifying glass will appear.
  2. Release your finger from the screen and the word you selected will appear highlighted and the word Copy will appear above the word.
  3. If you only wish to copy one word, press Copy.
  4. If you want to copy more than the one word, move the blue dots that appear on the corners of the word until you have all the text highlighted that you wish to copy (sometimes the iPad anticipates that you wish to copy the entire text and it will highlight it automatically for you, very handy!)
  5. Once you have all your text highlighted, press Copy located above the text.
  6. Next, select where you want to paste the copied text, for instance I like to paste my articles inside Notes.
  7. To paste your selection, simply tap the screen and Paste will appear, just tap Paste and your text has been copied.

Cool Feature:  Sometimes I paste something that I did not intend to paste, no worries, just give the iPad a little shake (I said LITTLE shake) and it will undo your mistaken paste!  How cool is that?

iPad:The Missing ManualWant to learn more about the iPad features? Just click on the iPad book to the left and check out David Pogue’s iPad the Missing Manual, it is easy to read and has step by step instructions.  You can even download the Kindle edition to your computer so that you could read the manual while learning new processes on your iPad!
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