iPad: How to Copy / Capture Screen

iPad: How to Copy / Capture a Screen / Take a Screenshot

While using your iPad you might find something interesting and want to capture a screen (make a copy of your iPad screen). To copy or capture the screen press and hold the Home button, then momentarily press the On/Off button. Release both buttons, the screen should flash white, just like the flash of a regular camera.

If the volume is turned up you will hear a click which sounds you just snapped a picture. The iPad stores the captured screen in Photos. Click on the Photos app at the bottom of the iPad’s home screen to view the captured image. If you have several photos you may have to scroll down to see the captured screen. Tap the screenshot to increase the image size. To delete the image click on the trash can icon located at the top right of the image. If you don’t see the trash can icon tap the screenshot image to bring up the title bar, then locate the trash can on the top right. Tap Delete Photo to confirm the delete.

Capturing a screen comes in very handy when you have a problem and your trying to explain to another person what you are seeing on your screen.