iPad: Screen Rotation Lock/Mute Button

Recently it was brought to my attention that on newer iPads you can’t lock the screen with the little round button, instead when the Screen Rotate Lock button on the side of the iPad was switched, the volume was muted. Muting the volume just doesn’t help me read on my side in bed! If your iPad is now having the same issue fear not, there is a work-around!

iPad: rotation lock button

The screen rotate lock button to me was a great asset and I hate to loose any assets!  It only took a minute to figure out there was of course a work-around.  That particular iPad had been updated with Apple’s iOS 4.2 software.

iPad: screen rotation lock icon
To find the screen rotation lock icon, just press the Home button twice and slide the dock until you see the screen lock icon (the icon with the lock in the middle of the circle arrow).  Press the icon and the screen rotation will be locked.  Not quite as quick as the button, but at least the screen can still be locked.