iPad: The On / Off, Sleep / Wake Button

Should you ever wish to turn off your iPad, locate the power button or, as Apple calls it the On / Off, Sleep / Wake button, at the top right of the iPad.

iPad On / Off ButtonTo turn the iPad on, just press the same button for a second or two.  An apple should appear on the screen and in a minute or two the iPad will complete the boot-up.  A locked Home screen will appear, just slide the arrow with your finger to the right to unlock the Home screen.

How to Turn iPad Completely Off

Turning the iPad completely off conserves iPad battery life even more, press the same button but this time hold it down for about 3 seconds.  A screen will appear asking to confirm turning the iPad power off by using your finger to slide the arrow to the right to confirm.  If you change your mind, just press the Cancel at the bottom of the screen or just wait a few seconds and the iPad cancels the command for you and brings you back to the previous screen.

How to Put the iPad to Sleep

If you are going to be away from the iPad for a short while, put the iPad to sleep by tapping the On / Off, Sleep / Wake button.  If your volume is turned on you will hear a clicking sound and the screen will appear dark. To awaken the slumbering iPad, tap the On / Off, Sleep / Wake button again.  This will bring you to the Home screen and you will have to use the slider arrow to unlock the Home screen.  Having the Home screen locked prevents any of the iPads programs from escaping and running amok.
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