The Apple iPad

Apple iPad tablet just about does it all. You can read ebooks, watch movies, listen to your music, look at pictures and hop on the internet and do email. You can also add more applications, referred to as “apps”, so you can keep track of your finances, play games, or manage a whole network of computers.Learning to use the iPad is also very easy. Apple Stores even offer free classes, just call your local Apple Store and inquire when the next iPad class will be held. The iPad is extremely portable and the battery lasts a long time, so when you get to that next Christmas gathering you can show off your pictures, check your friends on Facebook, then entertain the youngster in the back seat with a movie to watch on the way home,  all on one charging. The models labeled 3G will connect to the Internet from anywhere you can use a cell phone.

There are reports that some iPad owners have some difficulties with wireless connections. Though we have not seen an official response to this issue from Apple, it appears to effect users of some brands and types of wireless routers and access points more than others. Most of the forum threads that we have seen say that those with Apple Airport Extreme base stations have no problems. Our iPad did give us some problems with dropping the wireless connection until I found a problem with another device on our network. Now, it is working very well.

We tried a “rubber” case at first that looked like it would provide a lot of protection for the iPad in case of a fall, but the fact that the edges that hold it on were too flexible made holding the iPad with one hand hazardous. Our new case is the type that you slip the iPad into and the edges are firm and tight so there is no risk of it “peeling off” while holding it with just you thumb on top of the edge.

Though the iPad is not actually a computer, it does provide some of our favorite computer functions in an ultra-portable package. Apple and third party apps programmers have come up with thousands of practical, helpful and entertaining apps, most of which are very low cost and some are free. The great apps, the high definition screen and great battery life make it such a pleasure to have that my MacBook Pro is getting a little jealous.

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