What Can The iPad Do?

Whenever I take my iPad out in public people say they want one and ask me questions about what it can do. Some say they were thinking of getting one instead of a new computer. I don’t think of an iPad as a computer, but for most computer users, the line between the iPad and a full-blown computer is very blurry.

This article will stick to the stuff that comes on the iPad right out of the box. Click on the blue links to get more in-depth, or to learn about the iPad apps that you can add to the list of “what your iPad can do”.


The iPad is a great way to surf the internet! It is so handy to be able to hand the flat and light iPad tablet to someone sitting on the sofa with you, it makes sharing a great find while using the ultra-portable 13″ Macbook Pro seam awkward by comparison. The touch-screen operation means you don’t have to bring a mouse with you to get around.


You don’t have to sit at a desk to read your email anymore.

Watching Movies:

The iPad’s high resolution screen is fabulous for watching movies. Someone in the room want to watch something different? Pop in the ear buds and prop the iPad up in your lap! The iPad does not come with a DVD drive, but if you download movies from iTunes or rip your movie collection to digital format, you’ve got a wonderful, portable entertainment system that fits in your purse.


Ever try to show someone a picture on the screen of your phone? If the person is very courteous, they will say “oh, she is cute, isn’t she”, but they are thinking, “how am I supposed to see anything on that little screen?” Well, the iPad’s screen is not only as large as some of the framed photos on your wall, it may have a sharper image, definitely has brighter colors and you don’t have to stand up and turn the light on to see it.


Well, it won’t fit in your shirt pocket and it looks a little strange strapped to your arm while jogging, but the iPad is a fully functional iPod, with all the features and fabulous sound.

Personal Information Manager:

Apple included Calendar, Contacts, Mail and Notes in the base line-up for the iPad so, out of the box, you have pretty much the same convenient and elegant applications as come with a Mac.

To take a look at some of what the iPad can’t do, click here.
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