What The iPad Can’t Do

The iPad is a wonderful addition to your electronic arsenal, but in my opinion, it is not a computer. I do perspire a little when backed into a corner about that statement, after all, a calculator was referred to as a computer just a few years ago (it must be just a few years, I’m not all that old, am I?).

No USB port:

USB ports are on all computers, right? The USB port is the de facto method of connecting cameras, printers, scanners and thumb drives. Although there are apps you can get to help you get around this deficiency, Apple could have given us a lot of functionality with a USB port.

No memory card slot:

Many of us take the memory cards out of our cameras and plug them directly into our computers and printers to view and print our pictures. All computers have that now, right? Apple does sell a kit for about $30 that will let you connect your SD Memory card to your iPad to upload photos from your camera, but I would be on a vacation to some remote corner of the world, with no Apple Stores, when I realized I forgot to pack the camera kit for the iPad!

Only Apple approved apps:

The only way us non-computer geniuses can get additional apps on our iPads is through the App Store. Computers are open for anyone to develop and sell (or give away) software without having to go through the computer manufacturer to do it.

No Flash Player:

While surfing the net we very often come to websites that use a browser plug-in called Flash to show moving pictures and other “eye candy”. This technology is developed by Adobe, the well known and trusted pioneer of PDF (Portable Document Format), and the Acrobat Reader software. The iPad (and iPhone) do not support Flash, and that fact will stop your surfing cold all too frequently.
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