Why Get An Ebook Reader

Mrs. Bee and I have enjoyed ebook readers for many years, we have written articles about how to use them, how to fix them, and even how to clean them. It’s about time I shared with you why you should get one, and why we love ours.

Reasons I Love Ebook Readers

1.) Ebooks are cheaper than paper books.

Here is an example from Amazon.

Hardcover List Price =        $30
Amazon Hardcover Price = $18
Kindle Ebook Price =          $11 .. $0 sales tax, $0 shipping cost.

All those old classic books are free, yes free, as in yes there is a free lunch!

2.) Ebooks are lighter than paper.

I can carry my entire library, including encyclopedias, dictionary, thesaurus, and phone books, along with hundreds of pictures of my grandkids, between two fingers while I’m holding a can of Coke in the same hand (Coke Zero). An ebook reader is far easier to hold than a book. I like to lay on my side and read myself to sleep.

3.) Many ebook readers have a built-in light.

The light bothers Mrs. Bee sometimes.

4.) Ebooks are replaceable!

If my ebook reader is lost, stolen or my house burns down with all my paper books inside, I can get a new reader, and download all my ebooks for free (I’m not sure if the insurance will pay for my book collection).

5.) I can surf the internet with many ebook readers.

6.) They have built-in dictionaries for those big words that only authors use.

Speaking of big words, I can adjust the text(font) size too, so I don’t need those glasses I got from Walgreens.

7.) I can check and answer my email on it.

8.) You DON’T have to have a Kindle to read Kindle books, you DON’T have to have a Nook to read Nook books.

9.) I listen to Audible audio books on mine, and you can too.

I love to hear John McDonough read The Mitford series, by Jan Karen.

10.) Some are very simple to use.

The Queen Bee is 85 years old with Alzheimer’s, if she can work an ebook reader (Kindle Keyboard in this case), you can too!

11.) I don’t have to get in my car, drive to books-r-us.

No shopping while some poor woman is trying to ask her son nicely not to chew on the books, while he is screaming his head off, probably because Mommy dipped herself in so much bad smelling cologne that he can’t breathe. (Sorry, that just had to come out!)

Mrs. Bee and I have gotten more than our money’s worth from the ebook readers we have. We have only had to replace one, it was under my elbow on the couch when I leaned over to give Mrs. Bee a smooch, I didn’t even notice it, go figure!

We have these e-readers iPad, iPhone, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard, Samsung S3 (phone), and a Google Nexus 7, that all serve as e-readers. The two Kindles do require a light, but there are newer ones that don’t. The paper-like screens are best for reading in the sunlight, but with legs like mine, I only go to the beach late at night.