iPhone And iPad Apps

Apps; a small name for applications that run on small devices. Several companies are producing devices that run their own versions of apps, but no surprise, leading the pack is the company whose name begins with App(le).There are many different types of apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Games, personal information managers, news feeds, Facebook apps, stock market, you name it. Some of the categories on the App Store include; Utilities, Social Networking, Music, Productivity, Lifestyle, Reference, Travel, Sports, Education, and on and on.

Amazon Kindle app

Without a doubt, my favorite iPad and iPhone app is Amazon’s Kindle app. You don’t have to leave the light on to read in bed. You never lose your page, and the books cost far less. I have an attic full of musty and dusty old books that I lill probably never read again because they are musty and dusty and I’d have to go up in the attic to get them down. I have tried several other “reader” type apps, and though some offer functionality that Kindle does not, none work as well for just reading a book.

Apple iBooks app

We were using the Kindle app with iPhones, iPod Touch and the computer versions before Apple came out with the iBooks app and store, so we have not used iBooks extensively. One thing that the iBooks app does very well is store pdf files you download from the internet. While you are viewing the pdf in Safari (the Apple web browser), touch the center of the screen and some buttons will drop down. Chose “open in”, and select the iBooks app. This will save a copy of the file for you to read anytime, even if you are not connected to the internet

To see all the iPhone and iPad apps you visit The App Store through iTunes software (click here to download, free for Windows or Mac), or choose the App Store icon on any internet connected device that can run iPhone apps (iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad).
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