I watched a video the other day where a guy went around in a city asking different people what browser they used and everyone got this puzzled look on their face. Very few people could answer the question and the few people that did reply, had the wrong answer.

What would be your answer if you were asked, what browser do you use? How about if it were a multiple choice question, could you choose your browser from a list: Google, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Yahoo, Google Chrome, or Opera?

What is a Browser? A Video

If you named Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera, you would be correct! Google and Yahoo are Search Engines. So what is a browser anyway?

A browser is software that communicates with web servers so that information can be displayed on your computer screen. Your browser has the back button, an address field, a stop button and other useful tools.

When you buy a computer, there is already a browser installed on it, so most people just click on the “blue e” or “the compass” icon and don’t think anything about their browser. Some refer to it as clicking on the internet. What many people don’t realize is that you can change your browser, and there may be good reason to do so.

For instance if you have Internet Explorer (the big blue E), and want to see what Google Chrome is all about, you can just type google chrome in your search box and a few clicks later, you have a new browser! You can even change how Google Chrome looks by changing the theme. Some browsers offer themes and allow you to personalize your browsing experience by choosing different colors and patterns for the background.

After I switched to Google Chrome, I noticed that I no longer had to type the whole internet address into the address bar. For instance, in Internet Explorer I had to but in Google Chrome I just typed homedepot and it brought up a list of choices for me, which of course the first choice was where I needed to go! It’s like having the address bar and search box all in one!

Some browsers claim to open page more quickly, and though there is something to that, the time it takes to open a web page is mostly about the speed of your internet connection. Keeping your computer’s cache of stored web pages and cookies cleaned out can speed things up too, see our articles on “keep it clean”.

Maybe you should try out a new browser to see if you are missing anything, after all, if you don’t like it, you can always go back to your original browser.

Here is a list of a few free browsers: Internet Explorer runs on Windows, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Seamonkey all run on either Mac or Windows.

Think of your browser like tennis shoes, comfortable, dependable but they do need cleaning, and after a while, don’t you want another pair? By the way, just like shoes, you can have more than one browser. Try a new one out, think of it as an adventure, happy hunting!