Email: How to Copy and Paste a Webpage

Have you ever wondered how to copy a web page to send to someone? You can easily copy and paste a webpage URL into an email. Click on Read More for instructions:

URL stands for uniform (or universal) resource locator, when it is clickable, it is referred to as a link. For this exercise we will learn how to copy and paste the Helping Bee home page URL into an email. Here are the instructions:

  • Log into your email
  • Click on your internet browser to bring up a new internet session
  • OR just open a new tab in your current browser (the picture below is showing the new tab you would click on using Google Chrome Browser:


  • Navigate to the website you want to copy
  • When you are on the internet page that you want to copy, just point your mouse to the internet address and click ONE time to highlight the address
  • (If the addess won’t highlight try clicking three times fast/triple click)


  • While your mouse is still pointing at the address that is highlighted RIGHT click and a shortcut menu will appear
  • LEFT click on Copy


  • Nothing will happen, this just places the internet link in the computer’s memory
  • Go back to your email and type your message then press the Enter key 2 times to place your cursor under your message
  • You have to place your cursor where you want the internet link to appear:


  • Point your mouse at the cursor and RIGHT click to bring up the shortcut menu


  • LEFT click on Paste and the internet link will appear in your email exactly where your cursor was placed: