GMAIL: How to Create an Email Account

Do all your friends and family have email accounts?  Would you like to have your own free email account?  GMAIL allows you to have your own email account and it is absolutely free and you can log on any computer and check your email.  Below are the steps to help guide you on your creative email journey with GMAIL:

  • Click on the browser, i.e. Internet Explorer and type in in the address bar.
  • At the top of the page, above the Google search box, click on GMAIL.
  • Click Create An Account and follow the instructions for email setup:
  • Enter your First Name/Last Name as you wish it to appear to others, for instance if you choose Betty Boop, when someone receives an email from you it will state the email is from Betty Boop.
  • Desired Login Name – This is the name you will use to sign into to GMAIL. You should have a login name that is easy for you to remember but you must WRITE THIS NAME DOWN once Google accepts what you offer.
  • You have to check the availability of your desired login name, for instance LukeSkywalker is NOT available, and Google will recommend optional login names like lukeskywalker337 – your login name will be your email address you will give to people.WRITE IT DOWN once Google accepts your login name. Did I mention to WRITE IT DOWN? So when you get your login name that Google accepts, you will give out your GMAIL address with your login name followed by So if your login name is lukeskywalker337 your GMAIL account will be lukeskywalker337
  • Choose a password that cannot be looked up in the dictionary, for instance, sunshine421 is not a word recognized in the dictionary.Once you have a password, please WRITE IT DOWN under your LOGIN NAME.
  •  If you don’t want Google to keep you signed in, just click Check Stay Signed In to remove the check from the box.
  • If you want Google to remember places you have visited on the web and to give you personalized predictions, keep Enable Web History checked, if not click to remove the check from the box.
  • If you want Google to be your Default Home Page check the box. This will set Google as the Home page of the computer you are on currently.
  • Pick a security question and write the answer. This is in case you forget your login and/or password, Google will ask you security questions and you must provide the correct answer. Make sure you choose questions that there can only be ONE answer to, for instance if you choose “what is your first phone number” and you have a Land Line and a Cell Number, you must remember which number you entered. You can write your own question, but think of a question that most people don’t know the answer to, like “What was your fourth grade teacher’s name”.
  • Recovery Email is another email address that you can give Google so that if you forget your password/login, they will send that information to another email address. For instance if you have an AT&T email account or a Comcast email account, write this email address in the box, so if you forget your login name and/or password, GMAIL can send it to your other email address. Don’t worry if you don’t have a recovery email, that is why the security question is helpful.
  • Word Verification is so that Google knows that humans are creating an email account and not computers. Just type in the letters that you see and press enter. You may have to do this several times, as the letters are very tricky.
  • Read the Terms of Service and click “I accept Create my account” button.


Congratulations!  You have just created your GMAIL account, so who should you email first?{jcomments on}