Twitter can be entertaining, funny, dramatic, educational and sometimes just plain silly! With just 140 characters to send out a Tweet you can’t say a lot but you can get a point across or even send a link.

At first I thought the idea was useless but after signing up and creating an account I found that I could search for people better and actually search for anything better once I had an account. For instance if you don’t have an account and you type David Pogue in the Search Box you will receive several recent Tweets regarding David Pogue. But if you have an account with Twitter and click on Who To Follow and type David Pogue in the Search Box his icon and Twitter account will be the first on the list.

The best part about Twitter is that you don’t have to Tweet to become a member. You can sign up and just watch all the Tweets go by! And you might be amazed at just who exactly has a Twitter account: Bill Cosby, Dolly Parton, Barack Obama, Steve Martin, McDonalds,Coupons, NOAA, William Shatner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steven Curtis Chapman, Rachael Ray Show and Rachael_Ray, CNN and the list is never ending!

So what are you waiting for, to Tweet or not to Tweet that is the real question!

You can find Twitter by clicking on this link,